5 great Tools that will eliminate your online distractions

The 21th century has brought us an astounding amount of useless distractions.

We are so used to constantly checking Facebook and one Youtube video leads to another one. The biggest Websites are the best in what they do: Grabbing your attention and keeping it.

We are often not even aware on how much time we spend on distracting our self, because they are a lot of unconscious processes at work to keep you hooked.

Using your computer for work can therefore be a real challenge, but most of the time there is no way around it.

That’s why i present you the 5 best tools to keep you working on your project… but first better check Facebook in case you’re missing something out.

Cold Turkey

The best way to stop spending time on reddit, facebook and others is to just simply block them.

Cold Turkey lets you do just that.

Instead of wasting you life away on YouTube, you’ll just see a friendly reminder that you blocked this site.

Just put in the site you want to block and the time you want to block it.

There is one big advantage Cold Turkey has over similar tools.

There is no room for cheating.

While other tools are easy to bypass, it’s not the case in Cold Turkey.

Once you block a site its extremely hard to unblock it, unless you are experienced in programming.

So be careful what you block or you will regret it.

The basic version is free and will give you everything you want.

The paid one gives you a lot more customization and the ability to block apps and programs.

Websites i have currently blocked:

Youtube, Twitter, 9gag, twitch, some gaming magazines and lots of movie streaming sites.

Kill News Feed

In today’s world not using Facebook isn’t really an option. But we all know of the destructive features, that come with the use of this website.

The worst one being the news feed.

How often did you caught yourself, surfing on Facebook looking for the new posts of your friends, just to find some useless shared clickbait articles in your feed.

The Facebook feed is a mass of people and companies fighting for attention, so getting distracted is just a matter of time.

Kill News Feed lets you use all the useful features of Facebook, without getting bombarded by meaningless posts.

Cold Turkey writer

This tool basically turns your computer into a typewriter.

When you open it, it blocks out all distracting functions of your computer and leaves you with a blank paper to write.

But here is the Twist.

Cold Turkey Writer won’t quit until you’re done.
Like, literally will not quit.

Chose the amount of words or time you want to write and just start writing. Because you cant do anything else. This tool takes out all other possibilities than writing, so your brain knows exactly what it has to do. No more reading other articles because you don’t know what to write and no more looking for motivating videos. You write because there is nothing else to do.

This tool is perfect in starting a new writing session.


Also known as the Pomodore Technique, this is a very popular time management method.

It aims to provide you with maximum focus, with less mental fatigue.

The technique is simple:

25 minutes of work

5 minute pause


There is a certain amount of time our brain is able to focus without falling off. For a lot of people 25 minutes is the perfect time to keep focused

In life there is a time for everything and there is a time to stop everything and work. Starting the tomato time will tell your mind that now is the time to work.

One pomodore session is just long enough to get significant things done, while also making it easy to commit.

When you find yourself distracted, just start one session and work the next 25 minutes. Try to get as much done in those 25 minutes, you can even write down beforehand what you are going to do.

Now after those 25 minutes take a pause and do whatever you want to do. This can be everything from facebook to smoking a cigarette just get your mind of your work.

Now after 5-15 minutes or when you feel like it, start the timer again and go back to work.

Try to complete more and more pomodore sessions every day and try to find your own rythm. You will start to be a lot more aware of how you use your time.


The average amount of time people spend on Facebook a day is 50 minutes. That’s 50 minutes they could have used for studying or exercising. But it doesn’t stop there. People also use Netflix for 1 hour and 33 minutes a day! How much do you spend on them? You probably don’t know.

But here is a high chance you are using it more then you think.

Most of us are not aware on how we use our time, but this is a critical point.

If you keeping all your time to useless entertainment, you’re gonna have a hard time getting successful.

Tracking how to use your time is the first step to more self awareness and beating nasty habits.

Rescuetime does just that tracking your daily internet use and showing you the results.

Knowing what your problem is, is the first step to find a solution.


These are the most effective tools to fight and avoid those filthy habits on going on Facebook and checking out twitter. Trust me, just trying to reduce one at a time can go a long way.

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