5 Tips and Apps to use your computer without getting distracted

Today using the computer is mandatory for most people. Doesn’t matter if you are Studying, writing essays or working on projects, it became mandatory to use it in a productive way.

But with all the possibilities that came with technology, we are also facing an endless amount of distraction. For most people its nearly impossible to use the internet without checking Facebook or getting lost in dozens of tabs, everything that has the potential to fight our boredom.

But whats so bad about that?

Distractions not only keep you from working, but they also kill your productivity by disrupting your workflow and keeping you out of the „zone“.

That’s why i give you my favorite ways for distraction free working.

Block your distractions

Why get distracted, if you can just block them.
Use „Cold Turkey“ to block your most distracting sites, making them unavailable until the timer runs out.
The awesome thing about „Cold Turkey“ that there is no easy way to unblock a site once you blocked it, so don’t have seconds thoughts.

If you have a problem with Facebook, use „Kill FB Feed“ to block scrolling through the newsfeed. This addon is particular usefulll, if you still need to use facebook, but want to dampen one of the most time wasting features of the site.

If you only want to write without distractions give the „Cold Turkey writer“ a try, which turns your computer into a typewriter, until you wrote a certain number of words.

Clean your desktop and make shortcuts

Just like your desk in real life, your Desktop should be clean and organized.

Delete all useless shortcuts or put them in separate folders. Only put your most important Programs and Files on your Desktop, so they are the first things you see. It’s psychologically a lot easier to study if your files are only one click away. You can also put shortcuts of websites, if you need them.

This is gonna take only like 20 minutes, but you will feel so much better.

Uninstall all your games

This one seems like an extreme step, but i just want you to consider it. If video games keep you from being productive, the best decision you can make is to just get rid of them. You can always reinstall them after you’ve done the work, but you need to reevaluate if you really need them in your life.

Chose the right music

Studies show that music can increase focus and productivity. But for me at least it’s often an easy distraction or a way to doze off from work.

How to find the optimal music for productivity:

Use playlist, compilations or albums, to avoid switching songs all 5 minutes.
Music without vocals is usually less distracting, choose „flow like“ music like rap over emotionally charged music.
Keep the music volume low, or don’t listen to music at all.
For studying choose relaxing music.
A lot of people swear on videogame music to keep them focused without getting distracted.

Limit your tabs

This one was a lifesaver for me. I used to have at least an army of 15 tabs open, all filled with distractions and „want to see later“ stuff. Currently i am using maxtabs and set the maximum of tabs to 2. This way i am forced to decide on what to focus on and it keeps me from suddenly going on an adventure through the World Wide Web.

I really recommend you to try this.

xtabs for Google Chrome
maxtabs for Firefox

Plan a distraction free time

You can’t avoid distractions all day,
Plan 2-4 hours into your day, where you turn off your phone, get rid of all distractions and try to get into „deep work“ mode.
You will be amazed how much you can get done in a few hours.


To get the most out of your work, getting rid of distractions is a necessity. But remember the best way to kill distractions is to have a task that you love to give all your attention.

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