Get busy and stay busy

There is something that people with awesome lives have in common.

They are busy.

They have something to do.

They have a direction to move at.

Busy People are either:

improving their skills;
doing cool stuff;
relaxing from a busy day.

Other People are:

Slacking off at work all day.
Surfing the internet and watching Netflix.

This way of living leads to full stagnation in all parts of life.

To achieve a certain level of success, its of utter importance to get busy.

How to kill boredom by staying busy

Yes boredom is good.
Generally it keeps us from doing nothing.
But speaking for most people, boredom makes us do stupid shit.

So in an experiment they tried to let people wait in an empty room. The only thing in that room was an object, giving electroshocks by touching it.

After mere 10 minutes, most people started touching it, out of boredom.

The conclusion of the experiment?

People prefer physical pain over boredom!

No wonder people grab their smart phone every time nothing happens.

The same instinct that got us to hunt big ass animals, now gets us scrolling through our Facebook feed.

But, there is another path

You need to use boredom to your advantage. In the older days boredom kept people from being lazy and sedentary. Today being lazy has lost its boredom. Technology has made i possible to do nothing all day, without feeling a glimpse of boredom. This defeats the purpose of being bored, which is to get you creative and look for something to do.

But now the default mode against boredom is to grab the TV remote.

To avoid this you will have to rewire your brain.

You automatic response to boredom should be to go to work. To take actionable steps towards a goal or to put yourself in social situations. To achieve avoid looking for instant boredom killers. Let the boredom flow through, until you can’t take it anymore. Then find relief and pleasure in work and in action.

Instead of relying on instant gratification, kill your time by work. If you still feel bored work more, do more, fail more. To ever get your shit together you need to chase that high in the real world.

Stay busy, stay present

To stay busy, you have to stay present.

To stay present, you have to stay busy.

Some people are floating in their, dreaming of a far away future life.

Other ones are thinking of the good old times, where everything was better.

They do it because they have nothing else to do. Dreaming is an effective way to flee from a boring reality. If you ever want to take your talents to use, you need to be present. You need to give your brain the opportunity to process whats happening now and how to make the best out of it.

Everything amazing has been done by people so absorbed into their work, they forgot the past and future.

The only way to create amazing things is to create them in the present.
The best way to stay present is to create amazing things.

How movement affects your brain

In nature energy preservation is everything. Food is scarce, wasting energy means starving to death. This affected millions of years of evolution and still affects us today. For animals resting takes no brain power. An animal brain only needs to activate when they are moving. When they are hunting, playing, searching, fighting. Therefore moving has become a trigger for our brainpower to activate.

If you slow your body, you slow your mind.

To unlock your full potential, you need to get moving. You need to get moving mentally and physically. Exercise, drive somewhere, challenge your brain, push yourself.
To use your brain to its full potential, give it reasons to do so.

There is always something to do

There is probably something you should do right now.

You are just avoiding it.
Or maybe you are just not seeing it.
A lot of people are just so used to do nothing, that they went blind to all the opportunities that open them self every second.

Do the most productive thing at any given moment

Throughout the day ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What i am doing right now?
  2. Whats the most productive thing to do right now?

And then go and do it.

Repeat this step at any given moment. There is always something productive to do.

Sometimes its working.
Sometimes to clean your room.
And sometimes the most productive thing is just to rest and go to sleep.

The important thing is to be aware of what you are doing right now… and how it benefits you.


We live in a world where busy people strife to the top and the rest gets lost in the dust. To stay busy you need to get busy. And the best time to get busy is this exact moment, so get started now and take action.

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