One more hour

I just decided i will be writing for one more hour.

In today’s world things can often get overwhelming. There is so much to do, so much work to put in and it seems impossible to accomplish.


You don’t have to accomplish anything right now. All you have to do is to put in one more hour of work. Just one little hour, then you can quit at chill on the couch. Oh its 11 o’clock and you want to go to sleep? Just put in that one more hour, it wont hurt you.

Everyday we have to decide between stopping and calling it a day and getting a little more out of the day. Every time you struggle to find the willpower to continue tell yourself: Just one more hour.  Its often just this one more hour that can make all the difference.

How one hour will add up

If you tell yourself „just one more hour“ you are not really caring for the hour. You are building something bigger. You are building a mindset. A mindset that is used to just give a little more every day. To not give in when you want to quit, but going just a little longer. One more hour turns into two, then into three. Until you slowly build up to use the day to its fullest. „Just on more hour“ every day a year will add up to 365 hours. 365 Hours you would have wasted because you didn’t want to go another hour. Now people underestimate what you can accomplish in an hour. A day has 24 hours. If you work 8 hours and sleep 7 you have 9 „one more hours“. And amazing things happen to people who can use their day to the fullest.

Just one more hour without a cigarette

The thought of stopping smoking forever scares a lot of people. If you are just trying to quit the urges will fuck with your brain. Thoughts run through your brain, making it seem like the only reasonable thing to do right now is to smoke a cigarette. This is the time where your brain tries everything to convince to get back to smoking.

The solution?

Just tell yourself to not smoke for one more hour. There is no reasonable excuse to not stop for one more hour. It seems so short, so insignificant, its just one hour. But this one hour will make it possible for you to not fall back. It seems not much on paper, but in reality just saying yourself to stop for one more hour, is often all you need.

One hour is turning into two and then into three hours and slowly the urge faded away, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment.

I used cigarettes as an example, but this works for all addictions. If you want to quit alcohol, coffee, watching TV or whatever else. Its all about bringing up the willpower, to stop for one more hour.


I just wrote one more hour.

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