The hidden blessings of the cold shower

There is something very terrifying about getting into your first cold shower. It feels like hell froze over and the world just gonna end every moment.

But whats drives people into this madness?

These are the hidden blessings of cold showers, that the average man will never get.


At first you hesitate, a nagging voice in your head tells you not to do it. But there’s another voice. A voice that just says „fuck it“ and turns the temperature down to the coldest setting.

Blocking out that small nagging voice is the essence of willpower.

And nothing screams willpower like talking an ice cold shower.


A cold shower is the simplest thing to wake you up as fast as possible.

You will feel it the same moment the water touches your skin.

You gasp or air, like you  filling your lungs with oxygen and activating your whole body.

Your hearth rate increases, as adrenaline rushes through your veins.

Your body is now ready to take over the world.

There is nothing that wakes your ass up in the morning like an ice cold shower. Just shock your body be awake.


After some time, the shock slowly fades. Somehow it feels like the water got warmer. It still feels cold, but somehow it doesn’t feel as bad anymore. You start breathing slower and maybe you even start to relax. Endorphins flood your body to numb the cold and the heat of your body slowly outdoes the nagging cold of the shower.

You turn off the water and you step out of the shower.

And you feel good.

A cold shower releases lots of endorphins, making you feel good. It also stimulates the cannabinoid system, making you relaxed and giving you a high. In combination with the shot of noradrenaline you will feel like a thousands bucks.


You go outside, it’s cold but for some reason it doesn’t bother you. Your body has adapted to the cold. It got stronger, for the sake of not freezing in the shower. Here are the health benefits of Cold showers:

  • Fights Inflammation. Cold showers increase Glutathione a strong Antiaxodiant, decreasing inflammation in your whole body. It also raises adiponectin a protein effective at lowering inflammation.
  • Cold showers promote fat loss. More fat gets now stored as brown fat, a source of energy that’s easily burned to warm the body.
  • Effective at reducing pain.
  • Strengthens the nervous System.
  • Speeds up the healing of injuries.
  • Strengthens the immune system.

The Different Types of Cold Showers

Generally try to get used to it gradually. Like always consistency is key, just keep doing it until you get used to it.

The classic cold shower:

As manly as it gets, just don’t use warm water at all. Find the coldest setting you can endure and go all the way through.

Scottish Shower:

Probably the best way to shower. Start with a nice and hot shower and for the last few minutes turn it as cold as possible. Gives you the relaxing pleasure of the warm shower, but also gives you that extra boost with the cold shower finish.

Contrast Shower

You basically just constantly switch between cold and hot. Start with 1 minute hot and then switch to one minute of cold shower. Repeat.

The best one do get your circulation going. Takes the best out of two worlds.


To tell you the truth, cold showers don’t always feel good. Sometimes there is a daunting desire to just switch back to hot, to just let warm water run over you. But you no what also doesn’t feel good? Being a little bitch. Cold showers teach you to not back down to a challenge. To face it with all you got, even if it doesn’t feel comfortable.

So next time you are enjoying your nice and hot shower, just take a deep breath and turn it down to the cold.

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